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Antique Thimbles
Where Have all the Thimbles Been

Thimbles are such a treasure to me I made up this little rhyme! My Thimble I hold it in my hands, Then I place it on my finger. I behold it as stands, Yes, the joy, it always lingers!


Summary: This article is about the journey to collect antique thimbles. It is a collector's dream to find the most of their items and to make it unique to his or her needs. It tells of an author's love for thimbles and how these little items complete her life. The author discusses her journey to find the ones she really wants and how others can find their desired thimbles. It also tells a story about thimbles. It causes the reader to think about "Where all the thimbles have been?" The writer hopes that through this article whether you love thimbles or not, you will appreciate those of that do!

As I sit here with my latest "thimble find" by my computer, I wonder where this antique treasure has been. I found this particular thimble at a new antique dealership. I went into the dealership looking for something else. Every time I go to a new place or even an old place, I always ask if the seller has thimbles. I make sure I relay that I want “antique ones.”

Spending time on researching the thimbles has helped me to recognize what is new and what is old. I have to say that I just love antique thimbles. Antique thimbles are the better than new ones because one always wonders where they have been and if they have been used.

Thimbles are small, delicate, and each one is different. In the past, thimbles were used by working sewers to keep their fingers from the pain that needles can often bring. Now with all the technology, thimbles are a thing of the past. That is for most, for others they look to find thimbles for their collection. The antique thimbles are the ones that are sought after. Most try to find a series of thimbles or a numbered collection. Others look for certain themes. Still some just want old thimbles no matter what they look like. Most collectors have their own unique desires.

A thimble to its collector is a rare treasure and oftentimes the “hunt” or the “creative find” is what makes the excitement happen. It reminds of sewing and hopefully through the “find” we reap such great benefits. Antique thimbles are found in "grandma's closets," antique shops, flea markets, garage sales, and now even on the internet. These individualized collections make each person's journey different.

For me, I try to find thimbles that remind me of my childhood. My grandma had thimbles which were all flowered. I have some of hers and I look for unique floral prints as I go into shops. I have not bought any off the internet because I just have to see them, hold them, and know them. Yes, I too, wonder where "All the thimbles have been."